2 Gringos Chupacabra Products - They're Chupalicious!

Go Texan

You should never trust your meal with a rub that isn't up to snuff. At 2 Gringos Chupacabra, our BBQ rub recipes have a legendary bite that you will want to sink your teeth into time and time again. Our reviews speak for themselves and we promise that not a one of them was coerced by a visit from our fanged, four-legged mascot.

Our Philosophy

Good food is seasoned properly and cooked to order based on a recipe. That sounds fine, if you enjoy being an average cook and serving merely “good food.” As proud Texans, we know that a meal only becomes legendary when the chef straps on his spurs and tries something that no one else has done before. That's where our sauces, salsa and seasonings come into play.

We don't believe in doing the same ol’ same ol’ that everyone else has been repeating for the past 100 years. Instead, we push the limits of creativity when it comes to flavor combinations and ingredients inside the Texas BBQ rubs we produce. Every product we offer is crafted to the highest quality standards and they are so good that once you’ve used ’em, you’ll want to change your family recipes!      

The bottom line is if these two gringos and our pet chupacabra are not pushing the limits, then we are not doing the job we set out to do! Not only that, but if we start to slip up and quality begins to suffer, Chupy gets cranky ... and trust us when we say that there ain't nothing in the world worse than a hungry chupacabra throwing a temper tantrum. It's something like having your mother-in-law move in with you on the same day you get an audit notice from the IRS and right as you sit down to get a root canal from a far-sighted dentist.

Get the Taste of Texas Anytime...Anywhere

Don't feel like putting your boots on and making a trek to the store, which may be hundreds of miles away? Take a deep breath and relax because all you have to do is visit our online store where you will find our entire lineup of Texas Style seasonings. The site is easy to navigate because we want to make it easy for you to buy online or in stores. A few clicks and your credit card is all it takes for you to order an award-winning Cajun rub or a savory BBQ rub for your next adventure in grilling.