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So delicious! We cooked ribs yesterday and they turned out fabulous. The beer salt was a great addition to our jalapeño margaritas as well. Brenda W.

I absolutely LOVE your brisket magic rub. I use it as seasoning on every meat that I cook, and the other day I sprinkled it on my fried eggs as they were cooking, and it was amazing! We just got our order of a bigger bottle today and a jar of your salsa. Can't wait to try it! The rub is the first seasoning that I have ever tried that made me say wow! Thank you so much and keep doing what y'all are doing! Natasha L.

We love your Chupacabra seasoning!! I told my husband we need to create a cookbook of just Chupacabra recipes—he laughed and said it would be really short. I questioned, "how so?—we love to put it on everything!" He said "that's why—the first page would just say 'put Chupacabra on everything! The end.'" Lol. Stacy W.

I tried your brisket seasoning for the first time. It was awesome. Armando A.

I just wanted to say thank you. I have been using your rub for a while now and we like it on everything from eggs to brisket. My wife's favorite is asparagus. Recently my mom had to have a very serious surgery and when she finally was recovering mother's day was near, I asked what she wanted for mothers day and she requested brisket. I made a brisket rubbed in chupacabra rub smoked for 14 hours in my homemade pit smoked over post oak grown on my own land. My entire family said it was the best brisket they have ever had. I don't write many thank you emails to spice companies but you have to know that I was raised in Lockhart Texas and my mother and family still live there now. Lockhart is the bbq capital of Texas and my family has always been proud of our bbq roots. Three of my family members went and bought rub when they left our bbq on mothers day, and they are all enjoying it. So thanks again for a great product and thank you for keeping it Texan and local, you have a devoted customer here. I wish I could find your other products other than the rub. Doc H.

I made a very unorthodox tri-tip recipe with your seasoning and I would put it up against any competition! Bill W.

A++++ customer service!!! I received my order in 3 days! Y'all are awesome. Thanks so much! Meredith G.

I spent the winter in San Antonio. My son who lives there brought home some Cajun Chupacabra rub and the regular Chupacabra meat rub. I've had rubs from every part of the country, but none compare to Chupacabra! We are back in Idaho and my son surprised us with a care package of 8 more containers of Chupacabra rub! It's so good on my ribs and chicken, I took photos and posted them on my Facebook account. I told everybody for the best BBQ, ya gotta get some Chupacabra rub! Bob H.

Just wanted to let y'all know that I swept a cook off this past weekend with your ribs and marinate. I have used your products for about 2 years now and will continue. I used to make my rubs because I didn't like anything out there. If I would something that I liked some what I would still add this and that to it. Not with yours, I don't add anything to but meat. Well, brown sugar on my ribs. I took home 1st ribs, 1st place pork, (pulled pork) 2nd place chicken, 2nd place brisket. All had your products on it. With the chicken I used your marinate for about 3 hours then seasoned with Salt, pepper, garlic. Thank you for helping me win! Perry W. B.

Just wanted to take a minute to say how fantastic your seasonings are. I happened to pick up your rub at an HEB in San Antonio while visiting family and have not been disappointed. I travel all over with the military and currently live in Sitka, AK. I can tell you that there is no seasoning i have purchased in the pacific northwest that even comes close to matching the quality and flavor of your chupacabra rub. Thank you and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! Matthew K.

I was grocery shopping with my wife and we spotted this new salsa. So, we got the Tomatillo Salsa and it was a sad experience! Sad, because I didn't want to finish it, it was like a fiesta of flavor in my mouth. I used it with chips and it made every other food I put it on that much better. I will definitely buy this and all of your other salsas and products. I will recommend it to everyone I know. Stay awesome. Tom 

That stuff is made with angel tears and unicorn sweat. Best stuff ever!  Daniel Q. 

I'm a 3 time customer. I just used the Cajun on my son's fresh caught yellowtail. Sautéed in butter and garlic. My goodness it was the best piece of fish ever. The thing I like the most about the Cajun is that no matter how much you use it doesn't get hotter just more flavorful. When I open my restaurant you guys will be my secret sauce. Jon

Bought some rub in Canton while shopping and we put it on everything. Our favorite is popcorn, but we use on meat, vegetables, just about anything. Best Seasoning EVER.  Marie G.

So had an interesting day yesterday. Went 153 miles west of home to look at a piece of property for hunting. The gentleman said he would meet me in a small town and said, “I’ll be across the street from the store, my Mom lives there”. I asked which store, he said “the” store. (It was a small town.) Said he’d be in a maroon truck. Got there early, saw the truck, walked up to the house and rang door bell. Man came out and in the window of the door I see a lovely older woman smiling and she waves as I shake hands with her son Preston. I smile and wave back. I leave my truck there and Preston and I leave, drive around property and talk for two hours. We return to my truck and as he turns engine off…. he looks at me and says, “now…. Mother has cooked and she is expecting you for lunch.” I said I didn’t want to impose, but the look on his face said all I needed to hear… I was having lunch. Inside I was greeted by beautiful, sweet, cheery ninety-year old Ruby….or... "Mom". Typical Grandmother’s house, all warm and cozy and neat and of course the smells in the house were fantastic. I saw a skillet with grease and crumbles in it and knew we were having fried steak. Along with mashed potatoes, beans, deviled eggs and homemade pickles, and of course sweet tea. As we started to serve ourselves she says,” I am sorry, I intended to have gravy but the milk had spoiled and it is twenty miles to the store and I didn’t have time”. I smiled and assured her that I understood, as she passed me the catsup. As we started serving ourselves she said “we don’t have much, but we eat good”. Meal reminded me of my Mom and how we ate. Stove even had the bacon grease tin on it. Food was excellent and we talked cooking mostly and how we do it. We talked kids and family and the good old days. Then came pecan pie…. of course. 
I excused myself and said I had something in the truck for her. I came back in with a small bottle of Chupacabra Rub. As I was in my spill about the accolades of Chupacabra and how Wonderful it is, she put the bottle down and walked into the kitchen. I was afraid I had offended her…. she stopped at a cupboard and opened a door and pulled out.... a BIGGER BOTTLE of Chupacabra! She just smiled and looked at me like you young whippersnapper….. We had a good laugh.
My two hour drive back was quiet with memories of Mom and growing up…… Alton Paris you are growing friend. Keep up the good work. Ruby is making you proud! Ruby…..Thanks for a memorable day.  Lamar S.

One of the best Rubs out there... Hands down!  Kevin D.

Love your chips! Just tried the Cajun, yowza! Keep 'em coming! - Crystal G.

I bought a bag of your pork skins and the seasoned tortilla chips today at Fayetteville Store. The best pork skins and chips I have ever tried. Good job. Please keep this store supplied, I will not buy any other brand from today on! HOOKED- David V.

I LOVE your Rub spice mix!! I live in central Missouri. My sister from Victoria, Tx. gave me a jar this summer, and we use it a LOT!!!- Gail M.

We were given a bottle of your Chupacabra Rub when we were visiting friends in San Antonio. I took it back to Green Bay, WI and it has become our absolute favorite. I'll be placing an order soon after exploring your website!!- Kurt V.

My search is over! Best Dangit Salsa ever! I really mean it. I have tried every store bought salsa out there. I just started to look at recipes to make my own... and then... at HEB on Marbach Rd. I saw it... "The sign of the Fish"... well I thought. The are brother/sisters in Christ. I will try it. in 2 servings I ate the whole jar. Thank you for that anointed salsa. I don't have to make my own. I have found the Holy Grail Jar of Salsa! God Bless you and thank you! - Bryan O.

I will have to admit, the Chupacabra Cajun Rub is the finest cajun rub I have ever purchased. Has a great salt content which a lot of true cajun rubs with fresh spices and herbs lack. - Justin M.

We heard so much about your rub we had to give it a try. I rubbed down a few slabs of pork ribs one weekend and they made good food great! Just wanted to say thanks for making such a great product. I'm a cancer patient so I don't get to do much these days except for sitting around my bbq pit and smoker. Your rub sure did bring some new excitement in some dull days. It felt great to serve my family such a delicious meal. Keep up the great work! - Ryan J.

My son in law used on the stakes it is the greatest spice for BBQ I have ever tasted. - Guadalupe H.

I have used the seasoning twice and my Husband and I are in love with it. I will be running out to buy some and make sure to tell all our friends and family to try it! - Andrea H.

Just tried the NEW Chupacabra CAJUN BLEND love it, if you like a little SPICE then this is the 1 for you!!! We also tried the Marigate recipe on chicken, Great recipe!!! - John and Theresa B. (Humble, Texas)

If it's not chicken nuggets or a chicken leg for meat I have hard time getting her to eat at the age of almost 5. Tonight she ate pork rib eyes for me without a fight. Thank God I finally picked some Chupacabra up. - Melanie B.

I gotta tell ya, that Chupacabra Rub is outstanding!!! I used it last night on wings and grilled veggies!!! I love it, and I am gonna buy a bunch to send to my grilling friends! - Stacy D.

I love your Chupacabra rub on brisket! It’s my secret ingredient and has helped me to win 2 cook offs over the past year!! Thank you for an awesome rub!- Sean B. (San Antonio, Texas)

I added chupacabra rub to a bowl of sour cream and served it as a dip. Everyone loved it!!!- Lisa S. (Round Rock, Texas)

"Chupacabra", an uncommon name with uncommonly good flavor!!!- Greg P. (Carrizo Springs, Texas)

There is really no way to make Black Eyes Peas edible and I have dreaded New Year's Day meal because of this! I decided to use your rub (chupacabra) while cooking my peas this year and guess what? I received more compliments on the peas than I have ever had on my peas and my 94 year old Aunt said it was the best she had ever eaten! Thanks for saving a New Year's tradition.- Cathy R. (Huntsville, Texas)

When my husband ran out of our small bottle of chupacabra we bought on vacation he was so bummed. I saved the bottle, found your web site and 3 days later 5 lbs of your yummy goodness arrived. He was so suprised. Thank you. I have already started the Christmas list so Everyone can try your rub! - Tina G. (Seguin, Texas)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I received my order yesterday and my free koozie which I love! I just placed another order today to be delivered to my parents home. I had also ordered one for my brother in Coppell, Texas and he got his yesterday also. Thanks again and my next order will be the salsa!! Have a fabulouse day! - D. Gallegos (Alice, Texas)

One of my favority rubs, it's good on just about everything. - John/Theresa B. (Humble, Texas)

No recipes needed. I just use it on everything!!!!, from meats, to veggies, to dips, can't go wrong with Chupacabra.!!!- Kani D. (Utopia, Texas)

Chupacabra, it's the ONLY way to season "EVERYTHING".- River Bluf Cabins (Rio Frio, Texas)

We tried the Chupacabra Rub on salisbury steak along with sauteed hatch peppers and onions... Awesome.- Mike B. (Quihi, Texas)

The salsa is so good I eat it with nothing but a big spoon. - Sharon Crabb (Waxahachie, Texas)

Thought you'd like to know that one of your regular customers, Brant V. cooked venison burgers with your rub. Very nice, I 'm looking forward to trying it. - Janet (Uvalde, Texas

It's chupalicious!- Les J. (Fredericksburg, Texas)

Take all other spices out of your pantry and replace them with Chupacabra Rub. - Ernie M. (Utopia, Texas)

Great on hard boiled eggs!- Mike B. (San Antonio, Texas)

I don’t have to force my 4 year old to eat now. He loves it. - Cheryl R. (LaVernia, Texas)

I use this on everything, even took it to Africa with me and they loved it.- Wes T. (Crosby, Texas)

Have a laugh at the name because there is a new spice in town. Experience a zest on Beef, Chicken, Fish or Vegetables. Savor the flavor, discover new creations and taste the experience. Enjoy!- Jim and Linda M. (San Antonio, Texas)

Just tried your Chupacabra dry rub for the first time and I must say it's one of the best hands down. I have used a lot of other dry rubs on my BBQ but your's is the BEST. Keep up the good work!- Juan R., Jr.

Y’all have the best chips and hot sauce I’ve ever eaten (we buy at Granzins in New Braunfels). The medium hot sauce has just the right amount of sting and is my favorite. We have been plowing through the 23 oz bags of chips as well. The chips are light, yet full flavor. Keep up the good work!- D. Cline (New Braunfels, Texas)

I have finally gotten to try your seasoning. I'm just sorry that I didn't have the time to try it sooner... didn't know what I was missing. It is a very good seasoning. It has a zest that a lot of the other seasonings don't have. - K. Gupton (Floresville, Texas)

I've got to tell you that you've hit a "home run" with the dried sausage I bought some to put into my son's stockings (they're 31 and 27) and of course some for me. It is GREAT. I just thought you should know.- Ronnie B. (San Antonio, Texas)

I was given your rub to try... and it's my favorite 'go to' seasoning for absolutely everything. I have been a personal chef, a one man catering company, and ran a family owned food business, so, I know a great product when I find one. Your chupacabra seasoning is fantastic!!!!- Nicole L.

Works awesome on my competition chicken!!! Thanks! - Steve M.

Put it on meat, Put it on vegetables, Put it on Texas. - Mike T. (San Antonio, Texas)

Congratulations for your Rub. It is the best rub I buy. Greetings from Old Mexico. - Ricardo (Piedras Negras, Coah., Mexico)

Thanks for giving me two samples of Chupacabra rub. I made beef jerky that day plus caldo (chicken vetable soup). They turned out Chupalicious. The next day that I returned to work I took some beef jerky and they enjoyed it. Before leaving work that day I had four orders, so I stopped at Culebra Meat Market and purchased them. Again thanks, I will continue to let people know about this great Chupacabra Rub. - Grace (Boerne, Texas)

Fantastic. Just the right amount of spice. Best beans ever. Thanks for the recipe. - Max G. (San Antonio, Texas)

Just wanted to tell you guys this is the best seasoning I have ever used, I bought a bottle about a month ago and have been cooking for my family and they loved it. I decided to take it to work and cook some ribeyes on Monday, they loved it. On Tuesday new york strip, they loved it and asked what I had used and I told them chupacabra. - M. Dominguez (Laredo, Texas)

We competed this weekend at the East Montgomery County BBQ Cook-off against 90 cookers & we used your Rub. We ended up 3rd over-all winner. I WILL BE USING THIS IN ALL MY COMPETITIONS. - John & Theresa Baucom (Humble, Texas)

I wanted to share a tip for fried chicken. I seasoned the chicken with Chupacabra and also added some to the flour. My fiance thought it was great. - Brenda (San Antonio, Texas)

A must for popcorn. - Richard U. (San Antonio, Texas)

'Chicamonga' or 'Cupracomba' rub, can’t say the name, but my family uses it on everything. This stuff is great.- Dennis P. (San Antonio, Texas)

Made my baked fish a hit!- Brandi S. (San Antonio, Texas)

Best salmon we’ve ever had.- Don H. (Try Cities, Washington)

Best steak I ever had.- Shane T. (Birmingham, Alabama)

I put it on everything I eat!- Holli P. (Dallas, Texas)

It's delicious on pimento cheese spread!- Nancy P. (Tyler, Texas)

Your rub is mine and my husband's go to spice for nearly EVERYTHING!- Zela M. (Kyle, Texas)