How To Pick the Right Beef Cuts for BBQ

How To Pick the Right Meat: Ribs Edition August 31 2017

No one wants to get ribbed over their choice of meat for a Texas BBQ when the time comes to plate everything and serve your guests. When it comes to ribs, there are plenty of cuts to choose from, and the more time you spend choosing your meat, the happier everyone will be when the dinner bell rings across the yard.

Start with the Right Meat

How To Pick the Right Beef Cuts for BBQ

Start by taking a look at the meat coverage. Whether it's baby back ribs, spare ribs or St. Louis-style ribs, you want to have plenty of meat on the bone for everyone to sink their teeth into. In regards to marbling, you want a little more fat on spare ribs and St. Louis ribs as this helps give them their flavor, but it's not necessary on baby backs that are covered in a thick coat of rub.

You also want to give the ribs a good sniff. If you catch a whiff of sulfur when you open the package, rinse the ribs in cold water. This is a normal smell that is the byproduct of processing and is nothing to worry about.

Finally, take a look at the liquid in the bottom of the package. If there is a lot of liquid, it could indicate the ribs have dried out a bit, which means you will want to marinate your ribs before you slide them onto the grill or into the smoker.

Size Does Matter

How To Pick the Right Beef Cuts for BBQ

Of course, size is all important when it comes to picking the right rack of BBQ ribs. Typically, you want to plan for a half pound of raw meat per person for adults and a little bit less for kids.

This is easiest to calculate when cooking St. Louis ribs, and you have to do some accurate “guess-timations” with baby back pork ribs and spare ribs. But don't go for the biggest rack of baby backs you can find to "meat" your needs. Smaller baby back ribs tend to come from younger pigs, which means that they are more tender.

Instead of going for size, go for quantity for your Texas BBQ. Finally, buy fresh, never frozen, because frozen ribs tend to dry out quickly on the grill.

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